The developing importance of effective Governance and Compliance frameworks is substantial. Those responsible for an enterprise must balance and align their duties and desire for good governance with overarching business objectives.

Our lawyers understand good governance frameworks and advice increases business integrity and reduces risk and exposure, while delivering effective solutions to high-performing businesses.

Some examples of Governance and Regulatory work previously performed by our Lawyers include:

  • Providing legal and regulatory advice;
  • Governance change and training for employees and managers on key issues;
  • Executive liability, claim management, risk mitigation, compliance planning and legal briefings,
  • Developing and advising on corporate governance and compliance, policies and procedures;
  • Risk Management and Compliance Planning and Frameworks;
  • Advising Officers and Shadow Directors;
  • Preparing Directors’ manuals and briefings;
  • Directors’ duties and insolvent trading;
  • Conflicts of interest and material personal interests disclosures and policies;
  • Delegations advice and policies;
  • Not for profit organisations and associations governance and compliance;
  • Competition laws and trade practices and trade promotions;
  • Expenditure policies, procedures and delegations.

Our solicitors draw on experience as skilled in-house personnel in multinational financial services companies and large not for profit entities, as well as general corporate advisory and risk and compliance experience. We have worked on behalf of and within companies operating in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, dealing with a variety of regulators and authorities.