We take a progressive approach to new technology. Our lawyers and support staff are technologically savvy, equipped with modern understanding of intellectual property and information technology, with the confidence to understand, manage and progress challenging litigated claims.

The team works regularly advising on procurement, Intellectual Property and trade mark issues, complex information technology contracts, licensing, copyright and other intangible property matters. Some of the Intellectual Property services SK Legal provide are:

  • Quality commercial and technical advice on intellectual property issues;
  • Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality contracts and deeds;
  • Assistance in incorporating intellectual property rights into client business, client commercial strategy and client contracts;
  • Contractual protections of the licensing, proprietary rights and exclusive control of intangible asset;
  • Information technology contracts and services agreements;
  • Protecting Against Intellectual Property Infringement;
  • Trademark registration and protection;
  • Intellectual property transactions, licenses and assignments;
  • Intellectual property protections in employment contracts and independent contractor engagements;
  • Workplace policies on intellectual property and information technology;
  • Internet and data transaction issues; and
  • Privacy laws and regulations.