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I run a number of Pharmaceutical businesses and employ over 85 staff. I utilise Schofield King’s services for almost all of my legal work. I cannot speak highly enough of the Schofield King Lawyers Commercial Team. David and Marc are not only excellent lawyers, but they are highly creative and professional business thinkers who have repeatedly offered my business highly progressive solutions in times of crisis.The Schofield King team are also supremely tactical litigators who manage to obtain fantastic results for my business time and time again. I would not hesitate to recommend them and their services to any business owner
Schofield King Lawyers quickly came to my rescue when an employer unfairly forced me into an unfair redundancy and did not pay my contracted entitlements. The experience, professionalism and diligence I experienced as a client is why I completely advocate the firm to anyone being mistreated in the workplace. Thanks to Schofield King I received a positive outcome without having to go through all the negative stress that can at times accompany employer – employee legal conflict.
Tim Windsor, Frontline Services Coordinator